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3 swiss guards resign after vatican orders vaccinations & introduces covid 19 green passes

3 Swiss Guards Resign After Vatican Orders Vaccinations & Introduces Covid-19 Green Passes

vaccinated israelis lose green pass privileges as stricter covid 19 rules kick in

Endless Tyranny: 1.5M Vaccinated Israelis Lose Green Pass Privileges as Stricter Covid-19 Rules Kick In

the vaccinated in israel will become unvaccinated and lose their green pass if they refuse to begin receiving covid booster shots

The Vaccinated in Israel Will Become Unvaccinated and Lose Their Green Pass if They Refuse to Begin Receiving COVID Booster Shots

chaos erupts in italian parliament over vaccine passport plans 'no green pass'

Chaos Erupts in Italian Parliament Over Vaccine Passport Plans: ‘No Green Pass’

israel’s ‘green passport’ vaccination program has created a ‘medical apartheid’

Israel’s ‘Green Passport’ Vaccination Program Has Created a ‘Medical Apartheid’

great reset meets the green agenda technocrats want 'mandatory' carbon credit cards

Great Reset Meets the Green Agenda: Technocrats Want ‘Mandatory’ Carbon Credit Cards

african faith leaders call on the psychopathic bill & melinda gates foundation to drop african green revolution

African Faith Leaders Call on the Psychopathic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Drop African Green Revolution

hundreds of thousands protest across france over macron’s covid 19 health pass & mandatory vaccination

Hundreds of Thousands Protest Across France Over Macron’s Covid-19 Health Pass & Mandatory Vaccination

italians hit the streets to protest mandatory vaccine passports 'no dictatorship!'

Italians Hit the Streets to Protest Mandatory Vaccine Passports: ‘No Dictatorship!’

vaccine passports this is no life

Huge Group of Doctors from 30 Countries: ‘There is No Scientific Foundation to the Concept of Vaccine Passports’