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Pedophilia Being Taught As “Sexual Orientation” in California Schools

Mainstream Media Pedophilia Cuties

Mainstream Media vs. the People: The War Over Pedophilia

Far Left Says Pedophilia Is A Sexual Orientation & Should Be Protected Under Lgbt Laws

Far Left Says PEDOPHILIA is a Sexual Orientation & Should Be Protected Under LGBT Laws

Normalization Of Pedophilia Lgbt Education Pack Features 6 Year Olds Engaging In Sexual Activity

Normalization of Pedophilia: LGBT Education Pack Features 6-Year-Olds Engaging in Sexual Activity

The Agenda To Sexualize & Indoctrinate Children Continues New Pixar Movie Promotes The Lgbtq Lifestyle Directly To Kids

The Agenda to Sexualize & Indoctrinate Children Continues: New Pixar Movie Promotes the LGBTQ Lifestyle Directly to Kids

The Pornification Of America How Young Girls Are Being Groomed By Sexual Predators

The Pornification of America: How Young Girls Are Being Groomed by Sexual Predators

Drag Queen

They Want To Normalize Pedophilia (2011 Academic Conference Uncovered)

Austin, TX: Pro-LGBTQP Curriculum Will Teach Third-graders How to Have Anal Sex (Public Education Becomes Pedophilia Indoctrination)


San Diego State University Normalizes Pedophilia as a “Sexual Orientation”

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Elementary Kids Get ‘Special Surprise’: Erotic Drag Queen Performance at School Talent Show