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Sabrina Carpenter’s “In My Bed”: A Video About the Mind Control of a Young Girl… Made by Disney

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Nearly Every Mass Shooting in the Last 20 Years Shares One Thing in Common, and It’s NOT Weapons

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Satanism, Child Torture, Mind Control — What is on Hollywood’s Mind?

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Kissinger and Rockefeller: Connections to the CIA and the Origins of AIDS and Ebola

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13 Illuminati Symbols and Their Meanings


Charlize Theron’s 7-Year-Old Son Joins Growing List of Allegedly Gender Confused Celebrity Children — She Says Her Son is Now A Girl

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Here’s How Our Children Are Groomed on YouTube With MK Ultra Programming


Was Barbara Bush the Daughter of Famous Satanist Aleister Crowley?

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How the CIA Undermined Civil Rights


Insiders Claim Putin Belonged to the Royal Arch Lodge of Freemasonry