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27 Years Before Greta Thunberg, Another Child Was Used to Address the UN, Warned of Mass Extinctions: “I Am Afraid to Breathe the Air” or Go Out in the Sun


Greta Thunberg: Youth Strike for Globalist Propaganda


Putin About Greta Thunberg: “It’s Deplorable When Someone is Using Children and Teenagers in Their Interests”


Church of Sweden to Ring Bells in Celebration of Greta Thunberg, Proclaiming Her Jesus’ Successor


Greta’s Parents Pictured in Antifa Gear & She Raised Funds for Antifa-supporting Organisation in Europe

french government ministers caught violating all rules

THEY KNOW IT’S A SCAM: As Paris Suffers Under Lockdown, French Government Ministers Caught Violating ALL Rules by Attending Secret Luxurious Restaurants, Openly Kissing, Not Distancing, & No Limit on Guests

humans of the great reset what the future might look like if the controlling 'elites' have their way

Humans of the GREAT RESET: What the Future Might Look Like if the Controlling ‘Elites’ Have Their Way

bill gates, the world bank and crony capitalism all waging war against indian farmers

Bill Gates, the World Bank and Crony Capitalism All Waging War Against Indian Farmers

After Covid, Davos Moves To Great Reset

After COVID, Davos Moves to Great Reset

Great Reset New World Order Wef

The Great Reset’s Official Launch Date is Jan. 25-29 in Davos, Switzerland