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klaus schwab, bill gates

Get Ready to Become a ‘Digital Asset’ of the Globalists’ Great Reset

nuremberg trials for crimes against humanity

BOMBSHELL: USA Funded Virus Research and Used Outbreak Against Its Citizens

cdc ignores inquiry into increasing number of deaths, injuries reported after covid vaccines

Myanmar Military Seizes Bank Accounts of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations for Funding Unrest

Public Health England

Bombshell! Public Health England Admits it Cannot Scientifically Prove That COVID-19 is Contagious

astrazeneca: docente morto era musicista, insegnava clarinetto

Teacher Dies Hours After Getting AstraZeneca COVID Shot in Italy – Manslaughter Investigation Launched

new documentary proves climate engineering by controlling the weather (not “global warming”) is destroying life and the planet (immediate danger far greater than covid 19)

URGENT: New Documentary Proves Climate Engineering by Controlling the Weather (NOT “Global Warming”) is Destroying Life and the Planet (Immediate Danger FAR Greater than COVID-19)

er doctor and advanced trauma life support professor 'i have never seen a patient sick with covid 19. we are being deceived and manipulated.'

ER Doctor and Advanced Trauma Life Support Professor: ‘I have never seen a patient sick with COVID-19. We are being deceived and manipulated.’

moderna’s top scientist on mrna technology in covid shots 'we are actually hacking the software of life'

Moderna’s Top Scientist on mRNA Technology in COVID Shots: ‘We are Actually Hacking the Software of Life’

first court case against mandatory covid vaccination filed in new mexico

First Court Case Against Mandatory COVID Vaccination Filed in New Mexico

the anti human agenda of the nwo accelerated by operation coronavirus

The Anti-Human Agenda is the Core of the New World Order