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moderna begins testing experimental covid injections on infants, despite covid 19 death rate for children of any age is effectively zero

Moderna Begins Testing Experimental Covid Injections on INFANTS, Despite Covid-19 Death Rate for Children of ANY Age is Effectively ZERO

dr. steve hotze 2

Dr. Steve Hotze: COVID-19 Injections Are NOT Vaccines, But Dangerous Experimental Gene Therapies

more than 50% of all vaccine adverse reactions reported for past 30+ years have occurred in past 11 months following covid 19 shots

More Than 50% of ALL Vaccine Adverse Reactions Reported for Past 30+ Years Have Occurred in Past 11 Months Following COVID-19 Shots

maryland county vaccinates minority communities

Health Care Workers Speak Out on Why They Would Rather Lose Their Jobs Than Take a COVID-19 Vaccine

children are dying at a rate 62% higher than the 5 year average since they began to be given the covid 19 vaccine

Children Are Dying at a Rate 62% Higher Than the 5-Year-Average Since They Began to Be Given the Covid-19 Vaccine

vaers 160,000+ americans have likely died from covid 19 injections

VAERS: 160,000+ Americans Have Likely Died from COVID-19 Injections

02m new cases and deaths uk covid 19

Public Health Data: 81% of Covid-19 Deaths in September Were Vaccinated

uk investigation deaths among male children have increased by 400% since chris whitty decided they should have the covid 19 vaccine

UK Investigation: Deaths Among Male Children Have Increased by 400% Since Chris Whitty Decided they Should Have the Covid-19 Vaccine

1,969 fetal deaths recorded following covid 19 shots

1,969 Fetal Deaths Recorded Following COVID-19 Shots

thomas renz

Whistleblower Provides Govt Data Showing 48,465 DIED Within 14 Days of COVID-19 Vaccination Among Medicare Patients Alone (Nuremberg Trials!)