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study on 41,000 people taking vaccines increases a person’s risk of hospitalization

Study on 41,000 People: Taking Vaccines INCREASES Risk of Hospitalization

ma state police press conference on overtime scam probe

Dozens of Massachusetts State Troopers Are Resigning Rather Than Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

canadian nurse whistleblowers many dying after getting vaccines and hospitals are filled with the fully vaccinated

Canadian Nurse Whistleblowers: Many Dying After Getting Vaccines and Hospitals Are Filled With the Fully Vaccinated

“lettuce” vaccinate you and other reasons you can’t trust the food supply

Edible ‘Vaccine’: Why Do They Want to Put mRNA Technology in Lettuce?

vaers approx. 70 people die from covid vaccines every day in america

VAERS: Approx. 70 People Die from COVID Vaccines Every Day in America

breaking – study finds the current covid 19 vaccines will cause ‘vaccine induced enhanced disease’ when infected with delta

BREAKING: Study Finds the Current Covid-19 Vaccines Will Cause ‘Vaccine Induced Enhanced Disease’ When Infected With Delta

israel health virus vaccine

‘This Ends the Debate’: Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines at Stopping Delta

endless shots canada just ordered 7 doses of covid vaccines for every man, woman and child

ENDLESS SHOTS: Canada Just Ordered 7 Doses of Covid Vaccines for Every Man, Woman and Child

healthcare worker whistleblower claims they've seen more people dying due to covid 19 vaccines than from covid 19 itself

Fraud and Depopulation: Healthcare Worker Whistleblower Claims They’ve Seen More People Dying Due to Covid-19 Vaccines Than from Covid-19 Itself

sworn affidavit from prof. luc a. montagnier submitted to the international criminal court alleging governments complicit in genocide and crimes against humanity

Sworn Affidavit from Nobel Prize Recipient Luc A. Montagnier Submitted to the International Criminal Court Alleging Governments Complicit in Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity