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Common Core: Absurdity, Mind Control, Surveillance and Sexualization of Children

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Our Children Are Being Satanically Sexualized by the Pedophile “Elites”

The Billionaires Behind The Lgbt & Transgender Agenda

The Billionaires Behind the LGBTQ & Transgender Agenda: George Soros, Peter Buffett, Tim Gill and the Stryker Dynasty Have Donated HUNDREDS of Millions to the Cause

Teaching Masturbation To 5 Year Olds

United Nations Are After Our Kids: They’re Planning to Teach Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds

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UN: Vatican Allowed Rape and Molestation of Children

Elementary2bkids2bget2b25e225802598special2bsurprise25e225802599 2berotic2bdrag2bqueen2bperformance2bat2bschool2btalent2bshow.jpg

Elementary Kids Get ‘Special Surprise’: Erotic Drag Queen Performance at School Talent Show


Pre-teen “Drag Kids” Highlight Just How Fast Our Culture Has Crumbled


The Population Control Agenda


The Catholic Church Admitted in Writing to Satanic Ritual Sacrifice by Melbourne Priest


Here is Why America Became the Biggest Threat to World Peace — What Can we do About it?