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canadian doctors speak out against government covid restrictions masks and vaccines not needed!

Canadian Doctors Speak Out Against Government COVID Restrictions: Masks and Vaccines Not Needed!

research mask mouth causes gum disease, which increases coronavirus death risk by 900%

Research: Masks Cause Gum Disease, Which Increases Coronavirus Death Risk by 900%

Nuremburg Code 2

Do Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremburg Code?

Communists globalists Klaus Schwab Xi Jinping

Next Step in the Great Reset: Health Passports

Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Expert Virologist: COVID-19 Pandemic is ‘the Greatest Hoax Ever Perpretrated’ and Face Masks, Social Distancing and Lockdowns ‘Should All Stop Tomorrow’

Fauci Masks Need To Stay On Until At Least June And Only If Americans Take The Vaccine

Fauci: Masks Need to Stay On Until At Least June and Only if Americans Take the Vaccine

Fauci Masks & Social Distancing Will Be Required Even After A Covid 19 Vaccine That Is Supposedly Over 90% Effective

Fauci: Masks & Social Distancing Will Be Required Even AFTER a COVID-19 Vaccine That is Supposedly Over 90% Effective

Sweden: No Lockdowns, No Masks, No Social Distancing and the Lowest Cv.19 Fatality Rate in Europe

Sweden: No Hard Lockdowns, Masks, Or Social Distancing and One of the Lowest COVID-19 Fatality Rate in Europe

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs Rips Mask Narrative After CDC Report Shows 85% of Symptomatic People ‘Often’ or ‘Always’ Wore Masks

Dr. Margareta Griesz Brisson

German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’