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cdc update 2,509 deaths following experimental covid 19 'vaccines' (now equal to total deaths recorded after vaccines for the past decade)

CDC Update: 2,509 Deaths Following Experimental COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ (Now Equal to Total Deaths Recorded After Vaccines for the Past DECADE)

dr. steve hotze 2

Dr. Steve Hotze: COVID-19 Injections Are NOT Vaccines, But Dangerous Experimental Gene Therapies

europe 3,964 dead and 162,610 injured from adverse drug reactions for covid 19 'vaccines'

Europe: 3,964 Dead and 162,610 Injured from Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’

dead man in the morgue

CDC Adds 300+ More Deaths This Week — 2,050 DEAD Following COVID ‘Vaccines’ in USA

european database of adverse drug reactions for covid 19 'vaccines' 3,964 dead 162,610 injuries

European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’: 3,964 DEAD and 162,610 Injured

cdc pretending that nobody is getting injured or killed from covid 19 vaccines

CDC Pretending That NOBODY is Getting Injured or Killed from COVID-19 Vaccines

fully vaccinated people are testing positive for covid – so how does the 'benefit' of experimental vaccines 'outweigh the risk'

Fully Vaccinated People Are Testing Positive for COVID – So How Does the ‘Benefit’ of Experimental Vaccines ‘Outweigh the Risk’ of Being Permanently Disabled or Killed?

dead man in the morgue

CDC Adds Another 200+ Recorded Deaths This Week Following COVID Experimental ‘Vaccines’, Brining the Total to 1,739 DEAD

victims of the covid 19 vaccines, 3 4 months later 'i’m still not right'

Victims of the COVID-19 Vaccines, 3-4 Months Later: ‘I’m Still Not Right’

canadian doctors speak out against government covid restrictions masks and vaccines not needed!

Canadian Doctors Speak Out Against Government COVID Restrictions: Masks and Vaccines Not Needed!