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Bayer Stock Has Now Lost Almost 50% of Its Value Since Merger With Monsanto


Bill Gates Donates $15 Million to Campaign Pushing GMOs on Small Farmers Around the World

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Tanzania Orders Destruction of Monsanto-Gates Foundation GMO Trials


Bill Gates is the Biggest Depopulationist Alive


With 8,000 Lawsuits Pending, Bayer Claims No Buyer’s Remorse Following Monsanto Verdict

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David Hogg’s Shocking Online Comments: the Killing of ‘Billions of People’ is ‘Great for the Environment’ and Women Are ‘Bitches’

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Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Caused 47,500 Cases of Paralysis Death

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New Norwegian Study Accuses Monsanto of Falsely Claiming GMOs are Safe

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Zika HOAX Exposed by South American Doctors: Brain Deformations Caused by Larvicide Chemical Linked to Monsanto


Bill Gates at 60: The Retrospective You Won’t See in the Mainstream Media