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fully vaccinated people are testing positive for covid – so how does the 'benefit' of experimental vaccines 'outweigh the risk'

Fully Vaccinated People Are Testing Positive for COVID – So How Does the ‘Benefit’ of Experimental Vaccines ‘Outweigh the Risk’ of Being Permanently Disabled or Killed?

Lawyers Are Suing the WHO for 'Misleading World Over COVID-19 Outbreak'

Lawyers Are Suing the WHO for ‘Misleading World Over COVID-19 Outbreak’

canadian doctors speak out against government covid restrictions masks and vaccines not needed!

Canadian Doctors Speak Out Against Government COVID Restrictions: Masks and Vaccines Not Needed!

swedish health experts covid lockdowns have killed millions of people

Swedish Health Experts: COVID Lockdowns Have Killed MILLIONS of People

human lab rats uk to infect volunteers with covid 19 in world’s first human challenge trial

Human Lab Rats: UK to Infect Volunteers with COVID-19 in World’s First Human Challenge Trial

3 judge court in peru rules covid 19 pandemic started by bill gates, george soros and rockefeller

3 Judge Court in Peru Rules: COVID-19 Pandemic Started by Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefeller

canadian govt sued for forceful quarantine of citizens at secret locations

Canadian Govt Sued for Forceful Quarantine of Citizens at Secret Locations

Ardern Tyrant

New Zealand: Tyrannical PM Puts ENTIRE CITY of Auckland on Lockdown After Only 3 Cases of Covid

Matt Hancock Tyrant

Tyranny in UK: Travelers Must Quarantine in Hotels at Their Own Cost, Have 3 Tests, £10k Fine for Going Outside, and 10 YEARS Prison if Caught Trying to Avoid ‘The Law’

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

NY Doctor Claims Near-100% Success Rate Treating COVID-19