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dozens of teachers in northern italy call in sick after taking astrazeneca's experimental mrna injection 2

‘Dozens and Dozens’ of Teachers in Northern Italy Call in Sick After Taking AstraZeneca’s Vaccine

dr. soňa peková

The Never-Ending Plandemic: How Many Doses of Vaccine Will Be Pushed for Every New Coronavirus Mutation?

Israel’s ‘fake News War Room’ Set Up To Tackle Vaccine Disinformation Loses Battle To Telegram 2

Israel’s ‘Fake News War Room’ Set Up to Tackle Vaccine Disinformation Loses Battle to Telegram

Technocracy’s Agenda For The World Excludes The Existence Of America

Technocracy’s Agenda for the World Excludes the Existence of America

Drene Keyes

58-Year-Old Woman Dies Hours After Getting First Dose of Pfizer Vaccine

Eugenicist Bill Gates Calling For A ‘global Alert System’ And ‘pandemic Fire Squad’ To Deal With Next Viral Outbreak He Promises Us Is Coming

Eugenicist Bill Gates Calling for a ‘Global Alert System’ and ‘Pandemic Fire Squad’ to Deal With Next Viral Outbreak He Promises Us is Coming

Scientists Just Created A More Virulent And Lethal Version Of Sars Cov 2 — It Escapes Antibodies And Jumps Species

Scientists Just Created a More Virulent and Lethal Version of SARS-CoV-2 — It Escapes Antibodies and Jumps Species

We Are In The Middle Of A Global Experiment Using Injectable Bio Electronics That Leads Directly To The Mark Of The Beast

We Are in the Middle of a Global Experiment Using Injectable Bio-Electronics That Leads Directly to the Mark of the Beast

Bell's Palsy Slide

FDA Staff Recommends Watching for Bell’s Palsy in Moderna and Pfizer Vaccine Recipients

David Rockefeller All We Need Is The Right Major Crisis Nwo

7 Things Regarded As ‘Crazy Conspiracy Theories’ Are Becoming Facts Right Now