Vaccine Shaming
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Vaccine Shaming

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We need to push back with a movement that enlightens sheeple to the truth of the plandemic.  How do we do that? How are you guys dealing with the sheeple who try to shame others for not living in fear and taking the vaccines? 

Topic starter Posted : 28/03/2021 1:22 pm
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A worthy question, Thunder, and one I have pondered many times…

And I find holding love and peace within my heart, along with my enduring faith and trust are enough… mayhap not enough to answer the sceptics, but enough to honour the intentions of my I AM presence, and the glory-us-ness of All That Is!

There are so many way-showers, light-workers, and luminaries speaking up and speaking out about the Plandemic, and movements across our planet are being actioned every day.

Know... “you make a difference” with every beat of your heart. 🌼 

Posted : 12/08/2021 12:47 am