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Parents forced me to take the vaccine. Is there anyway to reverse it?

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Hi I was forced to take 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine by my parents.

Only last month I realized that it will apparently mess up your body. 

Is there anyway to reverse the vaccine?

Topic starter Posted : 05/12/2021 2:41 pm
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Greetings, needhelp,

I am sorry to hear you were forced to have the double jab... your parents were doing what they thought best for you, I am sure. But just like so many, they are believing  the MSM and government falsehoods, without doing their own research.

Please do your best to trust in your body's innate ability heal itself. And who knows, maybe you received a saline solution... for some batches are simply that! 

There is information out there to support you, but after a brief search now I cannot find exactly what I would like to guide you to.

BUT, I have just this evening received a newsletter email from the Stop World Control website [go to the Alternative Media forum here for the link] and sign up to their emails - if you want to - because in today's David Sorensen closes his with this statement. "PS: the Vaccin Detox Guide is almost ready! A little more patience. This will heal and save countless lives worldwide. Keep praying for us, please, as we go through the final stage of this life saving guide." He produces quality work and his efforts on behalf of all humanity are truly inspirational.

My heartfelt wishes for your wellness... 🌺

Posted : 13/12/2021 9:51 am