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Hi I am 38 years old male from from French Canada. I like to read different things.. I work for the government, I listen to FoxNews and fake news CNN, basically, I live in one big lie 100% of the time. I seek for different things now, not knowing where to look for very much.. at least searching for people capable of doing something else then watching their telephone screens.

Not that I am better with my computer screen.. but at least it makes me think a lot and I do positive work with the computer anyway.

I am also on a science forums and reading about the mainstream space stuff, but I suspect it's a big lie that too, the Nasa especially. When I read the mainstream Appolo missions arguments against the conspiracy theory of people saying America didn't went on the moon at all.. well.. I think the conspiracy theorists arguments are actually more credible like the Van Allen belt radiations problem and the lack of radiation shielding on the Nasa spacecrafts.  Then, I cannot find any third party satellite photo of the American artifacts on the moon (China and Russia). For crying out loud, we can spot a dime on the floor with our current satellites, why won't China or Russia publish a clear picture of the American moon buggies on the surface of the moon?

But above all, I am kind of upset about the attitude of governments regarding aliens and that we probably already are in contact with them. 

We have thousand of testimonials from people seeing UFOs and sharing various stories of encounters but it seems not one government will acknowledge anything.. they say we are on the verge of finding microscopic particles of life and water on Mars.. still in 2020. It's boring and frankly outrageous. 

Or the lights on Ceres.. wow that story is incredible too.

Anyways the picture bellow says it all.

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Posted : 18/02/2020 6:51 pm