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Extensive System Of Caves Discovered Under The Pyramids  

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Something extremely strange is happening in Giza, both under the pyramids and in the office of Dr. Hawass. Even skeptics of the “Hall of Records” from Atlantis are now forced to admit that something big is being hidden.

In August of 2008 a system of caves was discovered under the pyramids. Certainly this is very big news. But look at the reaction of Dr. Hawass on his website (attached).

Surely Hawass is intimately aware of such a discovery.

So Why deny it? What is he trying to hide? Dies this have anything to do with the wall that is being built to surround the Giza complex? What secrets don’t they want us to know?

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Posted : 09/01/2020 1:30 pm
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It's obvious these pyramids were not built by humans, considering that, I am not surprised  if there would be a complete cover-up regarding the pyramids, the real facts being kept a secret, and/or there are no efforts from the governments to inform the good people about the real facts.

It's outrageous... 

I want to know more about these tunnels too... can we trust the government of Egypt to be honest about the further discoveries? I have my doubts.

They could have digged the sand in the years 1800s to learn about that... lol.



Posted : 18/02/2020 7:27 pm
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