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Message # 1 for Extraterrestrials  

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I am the first one writing a message here ((; If aliens exists this forum will gain some extreme popularity one day.

My prediction, the Vatican will crumbles over it's own weight and all the conception of religion all around the world will have a hard time explaining this. 

They better wish for no disclosure at all.

Topic starter Posted : 18/02/2020 7:05 pm
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History has been suppressed in the biggest, long-term cover-up ever and the Vatican knows all the secrets.

The Vatican is constantly monitoring the heavens with the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope, whilst secretly preparing for the arrival of their alien Masters.

They seem to be intentionally creating something that is going to position the Roman Catholic Church at the forefront of an official E.T. disclosure.

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Posted : 21/02/2020 10:46 am
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Lol it figures.. Vatican will try to survive by adapting to a new reality again. They did it with homosexuality not too long ago, but frankly I think people are fed up with all the suspected lies and manipulations.

 I would like to see the Vatican explaining their position after an accidental disclosure.. same thing for any other religions, it's going to be difficult...

.. But what do I know.. ?

I guess everything must work according to a plan, preventing the whole world from going mad all at the same time.

That's interesting what they talk about in your link, the pre-flood cover-up.. By thinking of it that's an interesting period of time to cover things up...




Topic starter Posted : 26/02/2020 1:03 am