Wi-Fi Dangers

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Many Countries Have Banned or Restricted Cell and WiFi Radiation to Protect Children and Pregnant Women


EMFs Linked to Massive Decline in Global Health


Award Winning Journalist Exposes Wifi Disaster in Canadian Public School that Injured Dozens of Children


5 Tips to Help Block Electromagnetic Radiation


Former Nat’l Security Director Says 5G is “Terrifying”: “Previously Unthinkable Surveillance Potential”


4 Children & 2 Teachers Diagnosed With Cancer: Parents Blame The Cell Tower On Campus


5G is the “Stupidest Idea in the History of the World” – Washington State Biochemistry / Medical Science Prof

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After Cell Tower Installation Near Their Station, Firefighters Report: Headaches, Memory and Sleeping Problems, Depression, Anxiety

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Pulling the Plug: How to Reduce your Exposure to EMFs

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Top 19 Tips to Reduce Your EMF Exposure