according to science and recent data, nobody in the usa needs to wear a mask, social distance, stay at home or keep their business closed

According to Science and Recent Data, NOBODY in the USA Needs to Wear a Mask, Social Distance, Stay at Home or Keep Their Business Closed

cdc director ‘vaccinated people do not carry covid 19’ – end the mask theater now!

CDC Director: ‘Vaccinated People Do Not Carry Covid-19’ – Rand Paul: ‘End the Mask Theater Now!’

universal basic income slavery poverty

The Folly of ‘Universal Basic Income’

anti lockdown protest, usa, during covid 19 outbreak

ONE Year Under Lockdown — Will Our Freedoms Survive the Tyranny of COVID-19?

disney uses covid 19 as an excuse to install facial recognition

Disney Uses COVID-19 as an Excuse to Install Facial Recognition

humans of the great reset what the future might look like if the controlling 'elites' have their way

Humans of the GREAT RESET: What the Future Might Look Like if the Controlling ‘Elites’ Have Their Way

klaus schwab, bill gates

Get Ready to Become a ‘Digital Asset’ of the Globalists’ Great Reset

nyc judge removes 6 year old from mother because she didn’t wear a mask while dropping her off at school

NYC Judge Removes 6-Year-Old From Mother Because She Didn’t Wear a Mask While Dropping Her Off at School

lockdown one year on – it doesn’t work, it never worked & it wasn’t supposed to work

Lockdown One Year On – It Doesn’t Work, it Never Worked & it Wasn’t Supposed to Work

klaus schwab was henry kissinger's pupil and the son of a nazi collaborator who used slave labour and aided nazi efforts to obtain the first atomic bomb

Klaus Schwab Was Henry Kissinger’s Pupil and the Son of a Nazi Collaborator Who Used Slave Labor and Aided Nazi Efforts to Obtain the First Atomic Bomb