The Vatican

Vatican Audience Hall Satanic

Infiltrated by Satanists: Catholics Outraged After the Vatican Avoids Using the Word ‘God’ in Official Documents

Jesuit Freemason Pope Francis

Pope Francis Preached A ‘Universal Basic Income’ To Spread ‘Benefits Of Globalization’ On Easter Sunday


Evidence Suggests Pope Francis Might Help Facilitate Vatican Pedophilia & Satanic Rituals

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UN: Vatican Allowed Rape and Molestation of Children

Pope Refused To Accept Resignation Of French Cardinal Convicted Of Sex Abuse Cover Up

Pope Refused to Accept Resignation of French Cardinal Convicted of Sex Abuse Cover-up

U.n. Report Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children

U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children

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Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia


The Highest-Ranking Vatican Official Ever Convicted of Child Sexual Abuse

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The Holy Roman Church — The System Works, Because You Work


The Catholic Church and Pedophilia: Trafficking Children as Sex Slaves