Satanist Pedophiles

schools are normalizing sex between 4th graders

Taken Over by Pedophiles? Schools Are Normalizing Sex Between 4th Graders

hundreds of cops convicted of child rape & murder still collect millions in taxpayer funded retirement

HUNDREDS of Cops Convicted of Child Rape & Murder Still Collect Millions in Taxpayer-Funded Retirement

investigation up to 3,200 priests have raped children in french catholic church since 1950

Investigation: Up to 3,200 Priests Have Raped Children in French Catholic Church Since 1950 – Well Over 100,000 Victims

high ranking detective jailed for repeatedly raping a little girl

High Ranking Detective Jailed for Repeatedly Raping a Little Girl

top fbi official in charge of crimes against children, arrested for sex crimes against children

Top FBI Official in Charge of Crimes Against Children, Arrested for Sex Crimes Against Children

dhs insider blows whistle on global child sex trafficking cartels exploiting immigration loophole

DHS Insider Blows Whistle on Global Child Sex Trafficking Cartels Exploiting Immigration Loophole

steve scully epstein worker 'will swear on oath that he saw prince andrew groping virginia roberts on billionaire's island'

Epstein Worker ‘Will Swear on Oath That He Saw Prince Andrew Groping Virginia Roberts on Billionaire’s Island’

az senator jailed on multiple counts of child sex abuse

AZ Democratic Senator Jailed on Multiple Counts of Pedophilia

virginia roberts to sue prince andrew in a ny court over claims that jeffrey epstein forced her to have sex with the duke when she was 17

Virginia Roberts to Sue Prince Andrew in a NY Court Over Claims That Jeffrey Epstein Forced Her to Have Sex with the Duke When She Was 17

george soros' right hand man accused of sexually abusing six women 'i'm going to rape you like i rape my daughter'

George Soros’ Right-Hand Man Accused of Sexually Abusing Six Women: ‘I’m Going to Rape You Like I Rape My Daughter’