satanism powerpoint slide presented to us army 'how many children have been sacrificed to satan for the vaccine?'

Satanism Powerpoint Slide Presented to US Army: ‘How Many Children Have Been Sacrificed to Satan for the Vaccine?’

satanic temple sues texas for 'right' to practice a kind of child sacrifice called 'abortion ritual'

Satanic Temple Sues Texas for ‘Right’ to Practice a Kind of Child Sacrifice Called ‘Abortion Ritual’

america has been overthrown by the satanic cult

America Has Been Overthrown by the Satanic Cult

netflix yet again pushing satanism on viewers new reality dating show called ‘sexy beasts’ where contestants try to resemble demons

Netflix Yet Again Pushing Satanism on Viewers: New Reality Dating Show Called ‘Sexy Beasts’ Where Contestants Try to Resemble Demons

satanists, planned parenthood 216 crazy amazonsmile charities

AmazonSmile Charities: 4 Satanism and Witchcraft Groups, 15 Abortion Groups, 21 Black Lives Matter Groups, 64 Planned Parenthood Affiliates, 3 Marxist Groups, 107 Church of Scientology Affiliates, Etc.

illuminati vowed in 1969 'travel will be more difficult'

Illuminati Vowed in 1969: ‘Travel Will Be More Difficult’

california’s proposed 'ethnic studies' curriculum urges students to chant to aztec deity of human sacrifice and cannibalism – calls for 'counter genocide' against white christians

California’s Proposed ‘Ethnic Studies’ Curriculum Urges Students to Chant to Aztec Deity of Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism – Calls For ‘Counter-Genocide’ Against White Christians

satanic temple in texas files lawsuit demanding 'religious right' to sacrifice babies through abortion

Satanic Temple in Texas Files Lawsuit Demanding ‘Religious Right’ to Sacrifice Babies Through Abortion

Nfl Halftime Satanic Show Satanism

Super Bowl Halftime Show Was ‘Satanic’ According to Former NFL Star

In His Christmas Day Address, Pope Francis Called For All The World To Be Vaccinated, Even If Vaccines Are Made From Aborted Baby Parts

In His Christmas Day Address, Pope Francis Called for All the World to be Vaccinated, Even if Vaccines Are Made From Aborted Baby Parts