Church of Sweden to Ring Bells in Celebration of Greta Thunberg, Proclaiming Her Jesus’ Successor

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New Age is a Dream Religion of the “Elites”


Religion: the Oldest Weapon of Mass Destruction in Human History


German Churches Lost 430,000 Catholic and Protestant Members Last Year

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“Easter Worshippers”: Obama, Hillary and Others Refuse to Use the Word “Christian” After Sri Lanka Attacks

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“Easter Worshipers” Actually Means ISHTAR Worshipers – Why Hillary, Obama and Many Others Are Refusing to Say “Christians”

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U.S. Religious Groups Generate More Money than Microsoft and Apple Combined


The Difference Between Spirituality and Religion – And Why It Matters in Today’s World

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Sex and Drug Ring Raided at Apartment of Third Highest-Ranking Vatican Cardinal

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Mind-Control Through Religion in the Draco Empire