elementary school hosts ‘satan club’ for children

Complete Moral Decline: Elementary School Hosts ‘SATAN Club’ for Children with The Satanic Temple

satanism on the rise baphomet demon statue installed alongside nativity scene in illinois capitol, while satanists chanted 'hail satan'

Satanism on the Rise & Morality in Decline: Baphomet Demon Statue Installed Alongside Nativity Scene in Illinois Capitol, While Satanists Chanted ‘Hail Satan’

archbishop viganò

Archbishop Viganò Issues Warning About the ‘Clearly Anti-Human’ New World Order Agenda

senior cardinal warns elites ushering in 'total control surveillance state'

THIRD Vatican Insider, a Senior Cardinal, Warns Elites Use Pandemic to Usher in a ‘Total Control Surveillance State’

pope francis says the great reset must include a ‘green spirituality’ where the earth is worshipped

Pope Francis Says the Great Reset Must Include a ‘Green Spirituality’ Where the Earth is Worshipped

pope francis just said global reset is real no ‘return to normality’

Pope Francis Just Said Global Reset is Real: No ‘Return to Normality’

archbishop viganò slams pope for pushing jabs containing material from aborted fetuses

Archbishop Viganò Slams Pope for Pushing Jabs Containing Material from Aborted Fetuses

catholic bishops overwhelmingly approve move towards rebuking biden and other pro abortion politicians

Catholic Bishops Overwhelmingly Approve Move Towards Rebuking Biden and Other Pro-Abortion Politicians

freemason insider exposes luciferianism as the world’s oldest secret religion and their plan for a new world order

Freemason Insider Exposes Luciferianism as the World’s Oldest Secret Religion and Their Plan for a New World Order

senior d.o.d official ufos 'are demonic & we shouldn’t be pursuing them'

Senior D.O.D Official: UFOs ‘Are Demonic & We Shouldn’t Be Pursuing Them’