Project MKUltra

Fort Lauderdale Shooter Mind Controlled.jpg

Airport Shooter Says He Was ‘Mind Controlled’ By Intelligence Agency — Eyewitness Claims There Were At Least Three Other Shooters


The ‘Conspiracy’ Against Lt. Col. Michael Aquino — Satanic Pedophile (Clinton, Reagan, Bush, Cheney, Kissinger)


Reptilians Replicate by Hijacking Other Life Forms : The 11 Point Process


FBI Chief Exposes MK Ultra Programs That Murder, Use & Traffic Children — High Level People Involved


Actress Roseanne Barr: ‘MK Ultra Rules in Hollywood’


Ex MiLab Operative Discloses Time Travel, Artificial Timeline Manipulations and Breakaway Group Operations

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90,000 Secret CIA Files on Telepathy, Clairvoyance and MK-ULTRA Public


Selma Blair Removed from Plane and Rushed to Hospital After Bizarre MKULTRA-Style Breakdown

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MKUltra in Norway: Researcher Put Electrodes in People’s Brains for the US Government

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NY Times Reporter Found Dead After Exposing MKUltra