Inspirational Public Figures


Ron Paul Speaks Out Against the ‘Fake News’ and ‘Blame Russia’ PsyOps

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Corey Feldman Exposes Hollywood Pedophilia: ‘I Was Literally Surrounded by Them When I Was 14’

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Russell Brand Brilliantly Explains The Trump Election


The Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo Has Joined Standing Rock to Protest DAPL

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Joaquin Phoenix: ‘Now More Than Ever, the World Needs to Hear This Message’


Jim Carrey Strikes Again: Yet Another POWERFUL Call to Humanity

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Charlie Kaufman on Zombie Ants, Mind Control, and Consumerist Culture

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Akon Has Done More for Africans in ONE Year Than Most Charities Have Done in DECADES


Chuck Norris Speaks Out on Chemtrails: ‘Sky Criminals’

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Woody Harrelson Has a Message the Entire World Needs to Hear