Inspirational Public Figures

brazilian president ‘i would rather die than lose my freedom’

Brazilian President: ‘I Would Rather Die Than Lose My Freedom’

"creativity: a short and cheerful guide" by john cleese photocall

Monty Python Comedian John Cleese Cancels Himself ‘Before Someone Else Does’: ‘I Am Blacklisting Myself’

joe rogan contracts covid, bounces back within days using ivermectin and other drugs

Joe Rogan Contracts Covid, Bounces Back Within DAYS Using Ivermectin and Other Drugs

rand paul demands 'petty tyrant' fauci be ‘removed from tv for fear mongering’

Rand Paul Demands ‘Petty Tyrant’ Fauci Be ‘Removed from TV for Fear Mongering’

charles barkley we're so stupid following our politicians

Charles Barkley Unleashes One Minute of Truth on America: ‘We’re So Stupid Following Our Politicians’

russell brand why are drugmakers who caused opioid crisis in charge of solving the pandemic

Russell Brand: Why Are Drugmakers Who Caused Opioid Crisis in Charge of Solving the Pandemic?

Paris Hilton Testifies In Utah Senate Judiciary For Alleged Abuse Case

Paris Hilton Testifies on Abduction as a Child, Placement in Facility, Torture and Sex Abuse

Pamela Anderson Julian Assange

Pamela Anderson Quits Social Media: ‘They Control Your Brain’

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Blasts Bill Gates, The Who And The Technocrat Oligarchs

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Blasts Bill Gates, the WHO and the Technocrat Oligarchs

Elon Musk Says Neither He Nor His Family Will Take Covid 19 Vaccine Bill Gates Is A ‘knucklehead’

Elon Musk Says Neither He Nor His Family Will Take Covid-19 Vaccine — Blasts Bill Gates as ‘Knucklehead’