Reiner Fuellmich Gives an Update on What's Happening With the Nuremberg 2.0 Trial

Reiner Fuellmich Gives an Update on What’s Happening With the Nuremberg 2.0 Trial

david icke 2021

David Icke’s Latest Message (December, 2021): ‘This is What is Changing the World Right Now’

senior cardinal warns elites ushering in 'total control surveillance state'

THIRD Vatican Insider, a Senior Cardinal, Warns Elites Use Pandemic to Usher in a ‘Total Control Surveillance State’

msm fake news mind control false flag psyop

In an Insane World, the Truly Sane Are Regarded As Crazy – Don’t Even Try to Fit


Stoicism in This Day and Age: The Philosophy of Courage, Virtue, Morals, Wisdom, and Justice

german mep declares solidarity with australians battling covid tyranny 'we will fight'

German MEP Declares Solidarity With Australians Battling COVID Tyranny: ‘We Will Fight’

how to defeat the new world order through peaceful non compliance

How to Defeat the New World Order Through Peaceful Non-Compliance

how amish communities achieved 'herd immunity' without higher death rates, lockdowns, masks, or vaccines

How Amish Communities Achieved ‘Herd Immunity’ Without Higher Death Rates, Lockdowns, Masks, or Vaccines

mainstream media silent as mass protests taking place worldwide in reaction to covid tyranny

MSM Silent as Mass Protests Taking Place Worldwide in Reaction to COVID Tyranny

austrian police & army reportedly refusing to enforce ‘health dictatorship’ – will march in protest against it

Austrian Police & Army Reportedly Refusing to Enforce ‘Health Dictatorship’ – Will March in Protest Against It