president of el salvador encourages healthy living and vitamins to fight covid

President of El Salvador Encourages Healthy Living and Vitamins to Fight COVID

mir 19

Russian Developer: New Aerosol Drug ‘Peace-19’ Fights ALL Covid Strains

leading israeli health official vaccinated account for 95% of severe and 85 90% of new covid hospitalizations

Leading Israeli Health Official: Vaccinated Account for 95% of Severe and 85-90% of New Covid Hospitalizations (Update)

mountain bike national title winner kyle warner diagnosed with pericarditis after taking pfizer vaccine

Devastating Video: Mountain Bike National Title Winner Kyle Warner Diagnosed with Pericarditis After Taking Pfizer Vaccine — Ending Career

flashback fauci withheld successful treatments from aids patients (thousands died) because he wanted a vaccine

Flashback: Fauci Withheld Successful Treatments from AIDS Patients (Thousands Died) Because He Wanted a Vaccine

dr vernon coleman – “putting fluoride in drinking water does far more harm than good”

UK Wants to Add Fluoride to Drinking Water – Dr Vernon Coleman Explains Why This ‘Does Far More Harm Than Good’

ozone treatments reverse blood clots caused by covid shots – here's visual evidence

Great News: Ozone Treatments REVERSE Blood Clots Caused by Covid Shots – Here’s Visual Evidence

international ivermectin report of 64 studies shows 86% success as prophylaxis and 67% success in early treatment

International Ivermectin Report of 64 Studies Shows 86% Success as Prophylaxis and 67% Success in Early Treatment

physician and ex medical journal editor 8 ways covid masks are harmful

Physician and Ex Medical Journal Editor: 8 Ways Covid Masks Are HARMFUL

uk health security agency children are 69% more likely to be hospitalised with covid 19 if fully vaccinated

UK Health Security Agency: Children Are 69% More Likely to Be Hospitalised With Covid-19 if Fully Vaccinated