Global Warming Hoax

1,000 French Farmers In Tractors Protest In Paris Against Globalist Regulations

1,000 French Farmers Brought Tractors to Paris to Protest Globalist Regulations

11,000 Scientists Sign Paper: Humans Are Bad Because They Eat Meat and Engage in Transportation

Greta Thunberg Marooned As Climate Conference Moves Location… Across the Atlantic


Climate Alarmists Drop the Polar Bear as Their Mascot Since Polar Bears are Thriving


Greta Thunberg Wants You To Be Afraid — And Big Business Will Make A Killing Off It

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The History of Using Children to Push for Agendas


More Proof Eco-activism is Becoming a Religion: NBC Has Online Booth Where You Can Confess Your Climate Change Sins


Putin: Greta Thunberg Doesn’t Understand Complexities of ‘Modern World’


IMF: The World Needs Massive Carbon Tax to Limit Climate Change

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27 Years Before Greta Thunberg, Another Child Was Used to Address the UN, Warned of Mass Extinctions: “I Am Afraid to Breathe the Air” or Go Out in the Sun