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Another Study Warns About Catastrophic Consequences of Implementing Geoengineering

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Local Meteorologists Acknowledge Atmospheric Spraying of Aluminum by Military Aircraft


A Conspiracy No More: US Government Openly Meets to Discuss Future of Chemtrails/ Geoengineering


Bill Gates Exposed for Funding Research, Promotion of Spraying Geo-engineered ‘Chemtrails’ Across the Globe

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Did You Know That in 2012 Bill Gates Agreed to Fund Chemtrail Project?

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Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Demonstrates Dangers of Industrial Agriculture and Factory Farming

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Pacific Northwest Resident Documents Metallic Fibers Falling from Sky

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Weather Weaponization: Puerto Rico DIRECT HIT by Hurricane Maria


The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: ‘Owning the Weather’ for Military Use

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Top Scientist Accidentally Admitted ‘Weather Control’ is Currently Happening