False Flags

Camera Pentagon 911.jpg

9/11: The First Ever Handheld Camera Videos Of The Pentagon After The Explosion (Rare Video)

Florida Shooter Police.jpg

Teacher Says FL Shooter Was in Full Body Armor, Face Mask, and She Thought He Was a Cop


4 Armed Cops Waited Outside Florida High School as Children Were Massacred

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Will the Real Crisis Actors Please Stand Up?

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Leaked Report: FBI Was Informed That Cruz ‘Was Likely to Conduct a School Shooting’ And ‘Get Into a School and Just Shoot the Place Up’

Florida Shooting Survivor.jpg

Shooting Survivor Slams CNN for Giving Him Script — CNN Denies


Crisis Actor Exposed: Not A Registered Student, Father in the FBI, Rehearsing Scripted Lines on Camera, Witness in 2 Mass Shootings So Far

Cruz Warning Police.jpg

At Least 20 Students Told Police Nikolas Cruz Threatened To KILL Them — Police Did Nothing


Lie About Florida Shooter Being Member of ‘White Supremacist’ Group Not Retracted (Fake News)


Chaos And Fear the New Norm In America As Many Assume The Reality Of Staged Events