False Flags

2021 02 15 influenza update 387

Massive Number of Flu Cases Are Re-Labeled COVID Cases

conspiracies are real and here's how they work

Conspiracies, False Flags, and Problem-Reaction-Solution — They’re All Real, and Here’s How They Work

doctor proves lockdowns 10x deadlier than covid

Doctor Proves Lockdowns 10x Deadlier Than COVID

propaganda and mind control techniques designed to make us cower before the covid 19 tyranny

Propaganda and Mind Control Techniques Designed to Make Us Cower Before the Covid-19 Tyranny

2021 02 15 influenza update 387

Shocking Absurdity: Not A Single Case Of Flu Detected This Year in UK. Very Low or Nonexistent Cases in USA, Canada, Australia, and Everywhere Else. They Claim the Flu Has VANISHED From Earth.

antifa in portland with communist flags

The Deadliest Virus in the World is COMMUNISM and the ‘New Normal’ is Modeled After Communist China

dr. soňa peková

The Never-Ending Plandemic: How Many Doses of Vaccine Will Be Pushed for Every New Coronavirus Mutation?

cdc caught inflating coronavirus cases

Study: CDC Caught Massively Inflating Coronavirus Cases & Deaths in Violation of Federal Law

canadian govt sued for forceful quarantine of citizens at secret locations

Canadian Govt Sued for Forceful Quarantine of Citizens at Secret Locations

sweden, who never had draconian lockdowns, sees covid deaths plummet quicker than uk

Sweden, Who Never Had Draconian Lockdowns, Sees COVID Deaths Plummet Quicker Than UK