Fake News

the fall of the mainstream media and the biggest lies they told in 2021

The Fall of the Mainstream Media and the Biggest Lies They Told in 2021

woman boiling urine blamed for wildfire media claimed was due to 'climate change'

Woman Boiling Urine Blamed for California Wildfire That Destroyed 100 Homes and Burned Through 7,000 Acres – Fake Media Claimed It Was ‘Climate Change’

ap forced to issue correction on fake news about ivermectin

AP Forced to Issue Correction on Fake News About Ivermectin

mps, medical experts, & victim families demand inquiry into deaths wrongly certified as covid 19

MPs, Medical Experts, & Victim Families Demand Inquiry Into Deaths Wrongly Certified As COVID-19

cdc caught inflating coronavirus cases

Study: CDC Caught Massively Inflating Coronavirus Cases & Deaths in Violation of Federal Law

fauci bacteria 1918 pandemic

Explosive! BACTERIA Killed People in the 1918 Pandemic & Fauci KNEW (Reuters Fact-Check Accidentally CONFIRMS Everything it Tries to Debunk)

Israel’s ‘fake News War Room’ Set Up To Tackle Vaccine Disinformation Loses Battle To Telegram 2

Israel’s ‘Fake News War Room’ Set Up to Tackle Vaccine Disinformation Loses Battle to Telegram

Number Climate Related Downward Trend 2

UN Claims: ‘Staggering Rise in Climate Related Disasters’ — Reality: DOWNWARD Trend in Disasters

Treason Full List Of Western Media Outlets Participating In Chinese Communist Propaganda Events

Treason? Full List of Western Media Outlets Participating in Chinese Communist Propaganda Events

Arrest Boris Johnson Behind Bars

Endless & Baseless COVID Propaganda: ZERO Evidence That ‘New Strain’ in UK is More Contagious (Panic Driven by the Fake Media)