darpa fauci covid

Explosive Military Documents: EcoHealth Alliance Asked DARPA to Fund Gain of Function Research of Bat Borne Coronaviruses in 2018 – DARPA Refused, But Fauci’s NIAID Moved the Research in Wuhan, China and at Several Sites Across the U.S. – Also, Ivermectin Cures COVID

fauci orphans

Puppies?! Fauci Tortured ORPHAN BABIES and CHILDREN in His AIDS Drug Experiments

dr fauci’s wife is director of bioethics at nih on human subjects research

Dr Fauci’s Wife is Director of Bioethics at NIH on Human Subjects Research

life insurance company ceo nearly 100,000 excess deaths per month in the usa

Life Insurance CEO: Nearly 100,000 Excess Deaths Per Month in the USA

dr. john coleman at least 4 billion 'useless eaters' to be culled by 2050

Dr. John Coleman Published This in 1993: At Least 4 Billion ‘Useless Eaters’ to be Culled by 2050

tedros boosters kill children

WHO Director Says Covid Boosters Are Being Used to ‘Kill Children’ During Press Conference – Freudian Slip?

msm finally reports what everyone already knew 'wuhan lab leak theory' is now the 'most likely origin of covid' & covid 19 'is an engineered virus'

MSM Finally Reports What Everyone Already Knew: ‘Wuhan Lab Leak Theory’ is Now the ‘Most Likely Origin of Covid’ & Covid-19 ‘is an Engineered Virus’

depopulation china

Defy International Law? Kill Millions of People? So What?

chemtrail pilot comes forward mass human extinction

Chemtrail Pilot Comes Forward: Mass Human Extinction

german chemist who was raided by cops during live stream in which he exposed graphene hydroxide in covid jabs, found dead

German Chemist, Dr. Andreas Noack, Found DEAD After Exposing Graphene Hydroxide in Covid ‘Vaccines’