klaus schwab wef

Bond Villain, Klaus Schwab, is Pushing the Internet of Bodies via the World Economic Forum (WEF)

swiss researchers develop wearable microchip that eliminates bodily privacy once and for all

Swiss Researchers Develop Wearable Microchip that Eliminates Bodily Privacy Once and for All

immunity passport and test result for covid 19 on flag of great britain. certificate for people who have had coronavirus or made vaccine. vaccination passport against covid 19 that allows you travel around the world.

UK: More Than 200,000 Sign Petition Against Vaccine Passports – Parliament Has to Debate

leaders from the european union have decided this week that a digital vaccination certificate must be ready for roll out by this summer

Leaders From the European Union Have Decided This Week That a Digital Vaccination Certificate Must be Ready for Roll-Out by This Summer

antifa in portland with communist flags

The Deadliest Virus in the World is COMMUNISM and the ‘New Normal’ is Modeled After Communist China

Matt Hancock Tyrant

Tyranny in UK: Travelers Must Quarantine in Hotels at Their Own Cost, Have 3 Tests, £10k Fine for Going Outside, and 10 YEARS Prison if Caught Trying to Avoid ‘The Law’

Lena Hallengren

Sweden: Vaccine Passport Will ‘Probably be Required’ for Shopping, Eating Out, Travel, Meeting Loved Ones

According To The Father Of Propaganda An Invisible Government Controls Our Minds With A Thought Prison

According to the Father of Propaganda an Invisible Government Controls Our Minds with a Thought Prison

What Every Local Civic Leader In America Must Know About Technocracy’s Global Coup D’etat

What Every Local Civic Leader in America Must Know About Technocracy’s Global Coup d’Etat

Deep State Coup

The Deep State’s Coup to Ensure Nothing Changes