Big Brother

patent approved us government could mandate social credit score & tracking app to implement forced covid vaccinations

US Government Could Mandate Social Credit Score & Tracking App To Implement Forced Covid Vaccinations – Patent Already Approved

google is big brother

Federal Investigators Issuing Warrants for Google to Turn Over Anyone Typing in Certain Search Terms

australian public health chief says covid contact tracing is part of 'new world order'

Australian Public Health Chief Says COVID Contact Tracing is Part of ‘New World Order’

you have 15 minutes to take a picture of yourself and text the government

Big Brother Australia: You Have 15 Minutes to Take a Selfie and Send It to the Government

the prescience of george orwell — ‘1984’ is here

The Prescience of George Orwell — ‘1984’ is Here

disney uses covid 19 as an excuse to install facial recognition

Disney Uses COVID-19 as an Excuse to Install Facial Recognition

creepy bill gates strikes again windows 10 secretly listens to everything you say and records all your keystrokes with hidden keylogger that uploads to microsoft

CREEPY Bill Gates Strikes Again: Windows 10 Secretly Listens to Everything You Say and Records All Your Keystrokes with Hidden Keylogger that Uploads to Microsoft

swiss researchers develop wearable microchip that eliminates bodily privacy once and for all

Swiss Researchers Develop Wearable Microchip that Eliminates Bodily Privacy Once and for All

electronic bracelets for returnees to israel

Israel Implements ‘Freedom Bracelet’ Tracking Device for Travelers (For a Virus With a 99.95% Survival Rate for People Under 70)

Communists globalists Klaus Schwab Xi Jinping

Next Step in the Great Reset: Health Passports