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Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Expert Virologist: COVID-19 Pandemic is ‘the Greatest Hoax Ever Perpretrated’ and Face Masks, Social Distancing and Lockdowns ‘Should All Stop Tomorrow’

Japan Lockdowns Empty Streets

Lockdowns and Social Distancing: SUICIDE Claimed More Lives in October Than 10 Months of COVID-19 in Japan

Fauci Masks & Social Distancing Will Be Required Even After A Covid 19 Vaccine That Is Supposedly Over 90% Effective

Fauci: Masks & Social Distancing Will Be Required Even AFTER a COVID-19 Vaccine That is Supposedly Over 90% Effective

Sweden: No Lockdowns, No Masks, No Social Distancing and the Lowest Cv.19 Fatality Rate in Europe

Sweden: No Hard Lockdowns, Masks, Or Social Distancing and One of the Lowest COVID-19 Fatality Rate in Europe

Social Distancing Sign Applies Psychological Warfare 'look Away When Passing Other People'

Social Distancing Sign Applies Psychological Warfare: ‘Look Away When Passing Other People’

Child Boy In Protective Mask Is Looking At Camera Sitting On Cou

Children Have 0.00% Chance of Dying from COVID but are Harmed for Life by Social Distancing, Which has its Roots in CIA Torture Techniques

Mission Dolores Park Social Distancing Circles

Social Distancing: Based On Computer Model Created by 15-Year-Old, Not Science

Drone Surveillance Social Distancing Coronavirus

Baltimore PD Wants 24-Hour HD Surveillance Drones to Enforce Social Distancing

“we Will See More Deaths Because Of Social Distancing” – Leading Scientist On Covid 19 Pandemic

“We Will See More Deaths Because of Social Distancing” – Leading Scientist on COVID-19 Pandemic

Scientist Predicts Second Wave Of Covid 19 Because 'social Distancing' Has Prevented 'herd Immunity'

Scientist Predicts Second Wave of COVID-19 Because ‘Social Distancing’ Has Prevented ‘Herd Immunity’