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Saying “It’s Okay to be White” is Now Considered a HATE CRIME in America

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UK Police Investigate Transgender Being Turned Down For Porn Role as a “Hate Crime”


Finland MP Under “Hate Crime Investigation” for Posting a Bible Verse on Facebook

Shocking2bleak 2bfacebook2bmonitors2byou2boffline2bto2bdecide2bif2byou2527re2ba2b2522hate2bagent2522.jpg

Shocking Leak: Facebook Monitors You OFFLINE to Decide if You’re a “Hate Agent”


A Brief Summary of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate’s Activities in the Middle East and Elsewhere

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Winston Churchill: Britain’s ‘Greatest Briton’ Left a Legacy of Global Conflict and Crimes Against Humanity

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Huge: Monsanto Going to Trial for Crimes Against Humanity

Politics Of Hate Red Brain.jpg

The Politics of Hate — Deep Inside the ‘Red Brain’

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After Knowingly Bombing a Civilian Hospital and Being Accused of War Crimes, the U.S. Changes Story Four Times in Four Days


Colorado Sells $19 Million in Weed in March: $1.9 Million Goes to Schools and Crime Down 10%