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Kids Channel Nickelodeon Debuts Married Gay Couple in Cartoon Series ‘The Loud House’

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Lesbian Ponies for Kids: ‘My Little Pony’ TV Show Joins in Gay Activism for Pride Month


School Conference Secretly Hands Out Pornographic Gay-Sex Manual to Kids (Behind Parents’ Backs)

Joe Biden Mask

If You Voted for Joe Biden, You Voted for Abortion, Oppressing Religion, Transgender Kids, Face Masks, Lockdowns, Illegal Immigration, Etc.

Uk Govt Funds Development Of Kids’ Game Normalizing Lgbt Sexual Practices

UK Govt Funds Development of Kids’ Game Normalizing LGBT Sexual Practices

Gender Clinic Rushed Uk Kids Onto ‘transition’ Pathway After One Or Two Visits

Gender Clinic Rushed UK Kids Onto ‘Transition’ Pathway After One or Two Visits

The Agenda To Sexualize & Indoctrinate Children Continues New Pixar Movie Promotes The Lgbtq Lifestyle Directly To Kids

The Agenda to Sexualize & Indoctrinate Children Continues: New Pixar Movie Promotes the LGBTQ Lifestyle Directly to Kids

6 Year Old Children Told To Write Gay Love Letters To Promote Diversity

6-Year-Old Children Told to Write Gay Love Letters to Promote Diversity


4-Month-Old Arizona Baby Dies After Being Taken from Mother and Put into Home with Two Foster Dads Who Adopted 15 Kids


Why Does the CBC Keep Pushing Drag Kids?