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6 Year Old Children Told To Write Gay Love Letters To Promote Diversity

6-Year-Old Children Told to Write Gay Love Letters to Promote Diversity

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Disney Shows Gay Kiss in a Children’s Cartoon for First Time

Elementary School Invites Convicted Felon Drag Queen To Talk To Children

Elementary School Invites Convicted Felon Drag Queen to Talk to Children

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Slippery Slope into Degeneracy: Mainstream Media Keeps Sexualizing Children


Senator David Farnsworth is Investigating 550 Children Who Have Gone Missing in Arizona –– He Has Been Threatened and is in Grave Danger

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UN: Vatican Allowed Rape and Molestation of Children


Creepy “Drag Queen” at Dallas Public Library Reads Book “What Color is Your Underwear” to Small Children


CBC Accused of Sexualizing Children After Promoting ‘Drag Kids’ Documentary

Loud House Gay Couple.jpg

Kids Channel Nickelodeon Debuts Married Gay Couple in Cartoon Series ‘The Loud House’


Cartoon Network Promotes LGBT ‘Pride Month’ to Children