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No Meaningful Consensus Among Climate Scientists

No Meaningful Consensus Among Climate Scientists

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UN Climate Scientist: ‘Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Making The Earth Greener And More Fertile’

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MIT Climate Scientist: Global Warming Science is ‘Propaganda’


500 Climate Scientists & Professionals Sign Letter to UN: ‘There Is No Climate Emergency’

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5 Facts About Climate Change Shared by an Actual Climate Scientist


Retired Climate Scientist About Global Warming Narrative: “I Am A Skeptic”

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One of the World’s Most Eminent Climate Scientists Changes Stance On Global Warming

Dr. John Robson Investigates The Lie That 97% Of Scientists Agree That Climate Change Is Man Made, Urgent And Dangerous

Dr. John Robson Investigates the LIE That 97% of Scientists Agree that Climate Change is Man-Made, Urgent and Dangerous

Scientists Pressured To Say 'everything Is A Cause Of Climate Change'

Scientists Pressured to Say ‘Everything is a Cause of Climate Change’ Amid NO EVIDENCE of a Connection Between ‘Climate Change’ and Australian Fires


US EPA Scientist Fired for Telling the Truth About Climate Engineering And Fluoridated Water