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australian health official issues threat that is borderline a crime against humanity

Australian Health Official Issues Threat That is Borderline a Crime Against Humanity: ‘We Will Be Bringing in Virus in Vaccinated People… Every Single Queenslander is Going to Get Exposed to the Covid-19 Virus and Will Get Infected. But if You’re Vaccinated, That’s Not a Problem.’

Australia Considers Quarantining Citizens With Covid 19

Australia Considers Quarantining Citizens with COVID-19

germany & australia already have 'quarantine camps' and some are located within prisons howard springs

Germany & Australia Already Have ‘Quarantine Camps’ Where People Are Taken by Force, and Some Are Located Within Prisons

mismanagement of the covid 19 crisis and the collapse of the 2020s

Mismanagement of the COVID-19 Crisis and the Collapse of the 2020s

australia admits using military to send people to covid concentration camps

Australia Admits Using Military to Send People to Covid Concentration Camps

dutch police opened fire on citizens protesting covid 19 tyranny

Dutch Police Opened Fire on Citizens Protesting COVID-19 Tyranny

something very weird happening in western australia hospitals overwhelmed & vaccinations continue but they have no covid

Something Very Weird Happening in Western Australia: Hospitals Overwhelmed & Vaccinations Continue But THEY HAVE NO COVID

daniel andrews evil

Huge Crowd Protests Australia’s Draconian Pandemic Powers Bill: ‘Stop Medical Apartheid!’

sky news australia drops bomb on fauci, calls him 'incredibly stupid' for funding illegal gain of function coronavirus research in wuhan

Sky News Australia Drops Bomb on Fauci, Calls Him ‘Incredibly Stupid’ for Funding ILLEGAL Gain-of-Function Coronavirus Research in Wuhan

massive lockdown protest in melbourne australia

Massive Lockdown Protest in Melbourne: ‘F**k the Jab, Long Live Australia’