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Sir Edward Heath (Ex British PM) Accused of Satanic Ritual Abuse on Children


The Testimony of Sister Charlotte — Murdered for Exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse within the Roman Catholic Church


Investigative Journalists Reveal Findings from Satanic Ritual Abuse


Satanic Ritual Abuse: It’s Real, But It Can Be Healed

Mariah Carey’s Sister Claims She Attended Satanic Rituals In Which Children Were Raped And Even Stabbed To Death

Mariah Carey’s Sister Claims She Attended Satanic Rituals in Which Children Were Raped and Even Stabbed to Death

Top Hollywood Actress, Blake Lively, Exposes Growing Satanic Trend Of Raping, Torturing And Killing Newborn Infants

Top Hollywood Actress Exposes Growing Satanic Trend of Raping and Torturing Newborn Infants

Mariah Carey’s Sister Reveals They Were Sexually Abused At Satanic Rituals In Their Childhood

Mariah Carey’s Sister Reveals They Were Raped in Satanic Rituals When They Were Kids

Christopher Lee

Actor Christopher Lee Describes the Power of Satanic Rituals in 1975 Video

Pedophiles In Parliament British Mp’s And The Royals

Pedophiles in Parliament: New Documentary Exposes Many British MP’s As Child Abusers and the British Royal Family is Tied Into This.


Ex-Model Who Attempted to Reveal Berlusconi’s Satanic Practices Died from Painful Radioactive Poisoning