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Former Atmospheric Physicist, MIT Professor Emeritus Richard Lindzen: Nasty Politics Behind Global Warming

There Is No Climate Emergency

100+ Scientific Papers: CO2 Has Minuscule Effect on Climate

100+ Scientific Papers Show That Carbon Dioxide’s Effects On The Climate Are “negligible”

100+ Scientific Papers Show That Carbon Dioxide’s Effects on the Climate Are “Negligible”

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MIT Climate Scientist: Global Warming Science is ‘Propaganda’

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5 Facts About Climate Change Shared by an Actual Climate Scientist


All Lies About Global Warming DEBUNKED in One Article


Al Gore: The World’s First ‘Carbon Billionaire’ by Profiting Off Irrational Climate Fears


31,487 Scientists Say Global Warming is a Hoax — They’re Speaking Out Against Junk Science


REAL Scientist Schools TV Personality Bill Nye On Carbon Dioxide: ‘It’s A Natural Gas, Not A Pollutant & Plants Love It’


The Sky Is Going To Be Sprayed With Toxic Particles In A Geoengineering Experiment, Blocking The Sunlight