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hungary passed law banning showing children material on homosexuality or transgenderism

Hungary Passed Law Banning Showing Children LGBTQ Propaganda & Cracked Down on Pedophilia

'transgender Jesus' Dances In Front Of Lgbtq+ Rainbow In Icelandic Church Ad

‘Transgender Jesus’ Dances in Front of LGBTQ+ Rainbow in Icelandic Church Ad

The Agenda To Sexualize & Indoctrinate Children Continues New Pixar Movie Promotes The Lgbtq Lifestyle Directly To Kids

The Agenda to Sexualize & Indoctrinate Children Continues: New Pixar Movie Promotes the LGBTQ Lifestyle Directly to Kids

The Billionaires Behind The Lgbt & Transgender Agenda

The Billionaires Behind the LGBTQ & Transgender Agenda: George Soros, Peter Buffett, Tim Gill and the Stryker Dynasty Have Donated HUNDREDS of Millions to the Cause

Youtube Issues New Rule Prohibiting Any Criticism Of Lgbtq Persons

YouTube Issues New Rule Prohibiting Any Criticism of LGBTQ Persons

Austin, TX: Pro-LGBTQP Curriculum Will Teach Third-graders How to Have Anal Sex (Public Education Becomes Pedophilia Indoctrination)

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Teacher Suspended for Questioning LGBTQP Sex “Education” of Children Without Debate or Consent from Parents

doctors 'dropping like flies' after getting covid jabbed

Vaccine-pushing Doctors ‘Dropping Like Flies’ After Getting Covid Jabbed

a closer look at the great reset – a fake utopia sold to us by charlatans

A Closer Look at The Great Reset – A Fake Utopia Sold to Us by Charlatans

medical journal ‘parents should lose veto power' over children going trans

Medical Journal: ‘Parents Should Lose Veto Power’ Over Children Going Trans