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billionaires are stealing millions of acres of land using ‘climate change’ as their justification

Billionaires are Stealing Millions of Acres of Land Using ‘Climate Change’ as Their Justification

global cooling, global warming and now climate change

Global Cooling Became Global Warming Overnight, and Now It’s Climate Change… Because, You Know, Climate Changes

prince charles calls for ‘military style campaign’ to force ‘fundamental economic transition’ & combat climate change

Prince Charles Calls for ‘Military-Style Campaign’ to Force ‘Fundamental Economic Transition’ & Combat Climate Change

exposing the $150 trillion agenda behind the 'crusade' against climate change

Exposing the $150 Trillion Agenda Behind the ‘Crusade’ Against Climate Change

who’s terrorist connected director general now claims climate change is the ‘single biggest health threat facing humanity’

WHO’s Terrorist-Connected Director General Now Claims Climate Change is the ‘Single Biggest Health Threat Facing Humanity’

establishment now advocating lockdowns — not to save you from covid, but from climate change

Are You Going to Take It? Establishment Now Advocating Lockdowns — Not to Save You From Covid, But From Climate Change

woman boiling urine blamed for wildfire media claimed was due to 'climate change'

Woman Boiling Urine Blamed for California Wildfire That Destroyed 100 Homes and Burned Through 7,000 Acres – Fake Media Claimed It Was ‘Climate Change’

climate, covid, control – and criminals

What You Should Know About Climate Change, Covid, Control and Criminals

bill gates gives speech demanding action on climate change to 'elites' who flew in on private jets

Bill Gates Gives Speech Demanding Action on Climate Change to ‘Elites’ Who Flew in on Private Jets

bbc pressured to delete article on positive aspects of climate change

BBC Pressured to Delete Article on Positive Aspects of Climate Change