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The CDC is Lying to the World About Covid-19 Vaccine Safety – They Are Killing 15 People for Every 1 Life They Claim to Save

right after the covid 19 vaccine child deaths are 52% higher than the 5 year average

Right After the COVID-19 Vaccine: UK Child Deaths Are 52% Higher Than the 5-Year-Average

taiwan govt says more die from covid 19 vaccine than from china virus

Taiwan Government Says More People Die from COVID-19 Vaccine Than from Wuhan Virus

vaers healthy 16 year old boy dies during online class following second pfizer covid 19 vaccine

VAERS: Healthy 16-Year-Old Boy Dies During Online Class Following Second Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine

15 year old california boy dies 2 days after second dose of covid 19 vaccine

15-Year-Old California Boy Dies 2 Days After Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

uk investigation deaths among male children have increased by 400% since chris whitty decided they should have the covid 19 vaccine

UK Investigation: Deaths Among Male Children Have Increased by 400% Since Chris Whitty Decided they Should Have the Covid-19 Vaccine

covid 19 vaccinations by nhs

Official ONS Data: Deaths Among Teenagers Have Increased by 47% in the UK Since They Started Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

ma state police press conference on overtime scam probe

Dozens of Massachusetts State Troopers Are Resigning Rather Than Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

breaking – study finds the current covid 19 vaccines will cause ‘vaccine induced enhanced disease’ when infected with delta

BREAKING: Study Finds the Current Covid-19 Vaccines Will Cause ‘Vaccine Induced Enhanced Disease’ When Infected With Delta

dr. david martin fda approved a covid 19 vaccine that does not exist

Dr. David Martin Drops Bomb: The FDA Has Only Approved a COVID-19 Vaccine That Does NOT Exist in the U.S. Marketplace