Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball Sets the Record Straight on the Deliberate Deception to Demonize CO2

The first use of CO2 for a political agenda was by Margaret Thatcher. She wanted to break the coal miner’s union that was holding the country to ransom and also to promote nuclear power.

The precedence was to maintain the lie that CO2 was a dangerous gas. They ignored from the start its role as a life source for plants, without which there is no oxygen or any lifeform.

Are We Allowed to Talk About Anything of Importance, Anymore?

The people are thirsty for truth and justice. In the absence of either, they turn to the Internet. They start asking real questions, and connect with other like-minded people. They start ample discussions and begin connecting the dots. And the more dots they connect, the more obvious it becomes that there is a group of extremely powerful people that controls the world from behind the scenes.

Top Cop Who Received Award for ‘Keeping Children Safe’ Arrested for Molesting Children

In February of last year, this alleged child predator was teaching kids how to avoid child predators on line. This detective, whose job consisted of working with children taught Internet Safety Day to children at Rockmart Middle School. Then, in November 2018 he was presented the Commissioner’s Public Safety Award in Paulding County for his efforts, wait for it, of keeping local children safe.